Painting Services Gold Coast

If you’re looking for residential painters on the Gold Coast, you’ve come to the right place. Here at RockSolid painting, we pride ourselves on the wide range of painting services we provide to Gold Coast residents.

Many of our customers come to us looking to modernise their home. One great way to do that is to repaint the inside. Rid your home of all the dated colours and unfashionable paintwork with the help of our experienced house painters on the Gold Coast. Choose brand new colours instead to give your home a much-needed facelift.

We also have exterior painters on the Gold Coast who are ready to apply weatherproof paint on the outside of your home not only to keep it looking stylish but protect it as well.

Our Gold Coast painting services include:

Residential House Painting

If you’re selling your home, giving it a makeover can make all the difference to the resale value. One affordable way of doing this is to update the paintwork. Choose fresh, modern colours and see the offers on your home roll in. Our expert painters pay great attention to detail so that every nook and cranny will be painted correctly.

Commercial House Painting

Here at RockSolid painting, we are happy to paint any type of structure, whether commercial or residential. So, we’ve got all of your commercial house painting needs covered as well. Get your business looking sharp, ready to impress clients.

Exterior Painting

Update your home to the latest colours while making it weatherproof at the same time. If the outside of your home has flaky paint or is looking worse for wear, it’s a great idea to get it repainted. Not only will it look as good as new, but it will weatherproof your home. This is great for maintaining the condition of your property. Our exterior painters on the Gold Coast can advise you on which are the best weatherproof paints to use.

New Builds and Renovations

Are you renovating your house? Many older homes can be vastly improved with a new kitchen, a redone façade, or many other types of renovation. Our residential painters can work with your other tradespeople to find the best time to repaint your newly renovated room or house. We also love painting new builds, so we’ve got all your needs covered there too.

Swimming Pools

No house in Australia is complete without a pool to dive into on the sweltering hot days. Luckily, our house painters on the Gold Coast have plenty of experience in painting swimming pools with specialty paint that can withstand the chlorine-filled water. We can offer advice on which type of paint you need in your pool, depending on what material it is made from.

To book in any of our painting services on the Gold Coast, give us a call today on 0433 339 447. One
of our friendly team will assist you in booking a time for us to visit and give you a quote.